The Cadence Mono-Flap Dressage Saddle has been  designed based on our experience of fitting Horses, Ponies and their riders of all shapes and sizes, extensive input from our customers, both at Novice and Advanced Dressage, our Agents and our Saddle Makers to give you the ultimate in close contact comfort and connection with your horse .

Available With Tree and Panel Options  Designed to fit all Shapes,Sizes and Breeds of Larger Horses and Ponies. From high withered performance horses, be they Irish, Warm blood or Thoroughbred and  flatter treed versions specifically chosen for the wider, flatter back catering for our customer with Ponies, Cobs and other wider breeds.

The Cadence “Cob”  or Native Pony Fit is used by Famous Dressage Cob, Tiger Tim, who was placed in the top 3 of all his competitions that year after being fitted with the saddle ending in him becoming British Restricted Novice Champion and British Riding Club, Dressage to Music Champion 2013.

And our Sports Horse version is used by under 18s Eventers and former British Pony Eventing Team Members, Yasmin Ingham and Libby Seed.


Tree: Laminate Beechwood Spring Tree

Material: Leather

Tree Size: M

Flocking: Wool

Blocks: Thigh

Gussets: Front and Rear

Comfort Elite Cadence Monoflap Dressage -17", Adjustable

SKU: CF113