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Trial, Refund, and Shipping Policy
The purchaser is fully responsible for the care, condition, and maintenance of the saddles and accessories on trial from New England Saddle Fit, and is liable for the full purchase price of the trial saddles and/or accessories, thus secured by the client's credit card. 

In the event that saddle(s) and/or accessories are deemed unacceptable, items MUST be returned to New England Saddle Fit within two weeks (14 days) of receipt of saddle. If saddle is kept out longer than 14 days, a $15 per day charge will apply. Shipping and handling are non-refundable, and are the sole responsibility of the client. Saddles and accessories not returned within the one week range will be charged to the client’s credit card in full. Saddles brought back in condition deemed unacceptable by management will be charged a cleaning fee of $50 that is non-negotiable. Saddles must be returned in new condition without blemishes, scuffs, scratches, or wear marks. Should the saddle be returned in used condition, New England Saddle Fit reserves the right to charge 30% of the purchase price of the saddle to the client's credit card.

A refund (less cost of original shipping) for the saddle returned in acceptable condition will be issued within 10 days of receipt of saddle.

Saddles and accessories will be shipped via Fedex or UPS and customer will be charged for the amount. Shipping costs are listed in the checkout section for individual saddles. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping for returned saddles.


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