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Saddle Consignments

Consignment Policy

If you want to sell your used saddle, but don’t want the hassle of the process, I'm happy to sell it for you. I will advertise, promote, sell, ship, and send you the proceeds minus a 20 percent commission. 


1. Fill out this form prior to shipping your saddle so we can discuss price, salability, and your expectations. I will contact you after receiving this form and we'll start a dialog.


2. After we’ve determined the salability of your saddle, price, and your expectations, please print, fill out, and include this form with your saddle.

3. Plan on leaving your saddle with me for at least four months. 


4. While your saddle is here, please do not advertise it elsewhere. 


5. I may receive offers other than the listed price for your saddle. If I do, I'll contact you for an answer before accepting or rejecting the offer.


6. When the saddle sells, I will deduct a 20 percent commission or $200, whichever is more and
will issue you payment to you within three weeks of the sales date.

7. Before you ship your saddle, I recommend you clean and condition it. If I have to clean and 

condition the saddle, there will be a $50 fee.

8. I recommend you use a heavy-duty cardboard shipping box that is around
16" x 16" x 26" to 18" x 18" x 26".

Pack the saddle with crumpled packing paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap. 

Please do not pack saddle in peanuts or styrofoam.

Place packing paper in bottom of box and some cushioning.

Put saddle in plastic bag, put the saddle in the box, and fill the empty spaces with more packing materials.

Include the consignment form with you saddle.  

Make sure box is taped thoroughly.

Shipping via USPS: New England Saddle Fit, PO Box 816, Whately, MA 01093

Shipping via UPS or FedEX: New England Saddle Fit, 35 Masterson Rd, Whately, MA 01093


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