New England Saddle Fit

On-site Evaluation 


Hands-on Fitting Evaluation: $125

The average appointment takes from 1-2 hours. This includes a notated history

of rider, saddle, and horse, wither tracings, photos, saddle fit evaluation

and/or test riding saddles for purchase or helping client find a new saddle that 

is appropriate.

• history of horse and issues; rider and issues 

• tracings of one horse

• photos of one horse

• evaluation of integrity of current saddles themselves (up to two) 

• evaluation of static fit (no rider up) and dynamic fit (rider up) of current saddle(s)

• evaluation of horse's anatomy and check for saddle-related pressure points

• written report

• recommendations


Be prepared to ride and have your horse clean and untacked.

Second Evaluation within One Month: $75 per hour

For example, to evaluate potential new saddle


Hands-on Fitting Evaluation for Additional Horse: $50

This discount is given if the client has more than one horse to be assessed on the same day.

Tracings/Photos Only: $75

On-site Spot Flocking: $50

Travel Fees

• Within 30 miles of Whately, no charge.

• 54¢ per mile past the 30 mile mark, charged both ways.

• Travel fees can be split between clients if I'm seeing more than
   one client at a barn or in close proximity (within 10 miles).

Gift Certificates

Give the gift a saddle fitting evaluation! 

$50 Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate

$150 Gift Certificate

$200 Gift Certificate

No matter how short the session, or in the event of a last minute cancellation or no show,
a minimum fee of $100 is assessed to cover the allotted appointment time. 


If we set up a schedule to check your saddle every 30 to 90 days, rates are reduced.

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