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Why use a saddle fitter?

There are a number of reasons a person will use a saddle fitter. The two main reasons are to be sure your existing saddle fits your horse and when purchasing a new or used saddle, it fits you and your horse.


Signs of a poorly fit saddle that can be resolved by correct saddle fitting:

For the rider:

  • achy hips and knees

  • groin/crotch pain

  • lower back pain and stiffness

  • sitting in chair seat or hollowing your back

  • struggling to find balance and bracing against your horse

  • the need to shift your weight constantly to find comfort

  • chafing

  • lower leg instability


For the saddle:

  • moving forward or backward

  • slipping to one side

  • sitting too high in the front

  • sitting too high in the back

  • feeling unbalanced

  • requiring a tight girth, breastplate, or a crupper to stop it from moving


For the horse:

  • fidgeting or refusing to stand still when being saddled

  • putting his ears back or biting at you when being saddled

  • having a choppy, short stride under saddle or rushing for no reason

  • hollowing his/her back (inverting) during flatwork or jumping

  • bucking or refusing when you ask for canter or after jumps

  • picking up the wrong lead 

  • refusing to extend or constantly tripping for no reason

  • feeling stiffer in one direction than the other

  • muscle atrophy or inability to develop new muscles

  • inability to lift and round back

  • refusing jumps

  • toe dragging

  • head nodding

  • tail swishing

  • having a poor work attitude

  • lack of engagement

  • lameness including kissing spine, hock and stifle issues, tendon issues, back soreness


By giving your horse and saddle a thorough evaluation, both static (no rider) and dynamic (rider)
many of these issues can be solved and avoid

New England Saddle Fit signs of poorly fitting saddle
choppy, short stride
New England Saddle Fit signs of poorly fitting saddle
hollowing back
New England Saddle Fit signs of poorly fitting saddle
pinning ears while being saddled
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