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New England Saddle Fit


Lise is happy to give recommendations for saddle repair shops if there's
something she can't do in her shop.


  • Restitch billets: $25 each.  (Add $80 if I need to drop the panels to access webbing.)

  • Replace short billets: $30 each. (Add $80 if I need to drop the panels to access webbing.)

  • Replace long billets: $40 each. (Add $80 if I need to drop the panels to access webbing.)

  • Add point billet or switch point billet to center hung: $150.

  • Add rear sliding billet: $125.

Tree Evaluation

Drop panels to see if tree is broken: $80

(No fee if tree is broken and panels don't need to be re-sewn.)

Widen/Narrow Tree

Within 1 size of original setting: $225



  • Strip flock (old wool out, new wool in): $325 base price. 

If repairs are needed or other complications arise, you will be contacted and the work/charge will

be approved before work is done.


  • Foam to wool (if panels allow) or Flair/Cair to wool conversion: $400


  • Re-stitch panel point to sweat flaps: $25 per side. 

  • Lace in pommel or cantle: $40.

  • Lace in pommel and cantle: $80.

  • Re-stitch leather stirrup keeper: $10 each.

  • Replace stirrup leather keeper: $20 each.

  • Add/replace quilting stitches: $75.

  • Deep clean/condition (saddle detailing): $60.

  • Add/replace D-rings at cantle: $65 one side, $85 both sides.

If you're shipping the saddle to be repaired, evaluated, flocked, and sewn, please add $40 for return shipping.

Prior to shipping your saddle, fill out this form so we can discuss your expectations, repairs, and price.

I will contact you after receiving this form and we'll start a dialog.


To ship your saddle, I recommend you use a heavy-duty cardboard shipping box that is around 16" x 16" x 26" to 18" x 18" x 26".

Pack the saddle with crumpled packing paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap. 

Please do not pack saddle in peanuts or styrofoam.

Place packing paper in bottom of box and some cushioning.

Put saddle in plastic bag, put the saddle in the box, and fill the empty spaces with more packing materials.

Include the repair form with you saddle.  

Make sure box is taped thoroughly.

Shipping via USPS: New England Saddle Fit, PO Box 816, Whately, MA 01093

Shipping via UPS or FedEX: New England Saddle Fit, 35 Masterson Rd, Whately, MA 01093

New England Saddle Fit Repairs
New England Saddle Fit Repairs
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