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Chronic Back Pain

"Lise is great to work with and so patient. My Quarter Horse is a super hard-to-fit guy and she's patiently examined, flocked, and readjusted multiple saddles for us. My horse went from having pretty chronic back pain (for several reasons but changing our saddle was one piece of the puzzle) to happiness and returning to full training. Lise has been a pleasure to work with and a great resource. We are so lucky to have her services in our community."  ~ Logan Ebbets

The Whole Picture

"Lise is really good at finding and fitting the saddle to me and my horse. I never had a saddle fitter who takes the time to make sure the whole picture comes together for my horse and me. She's excellent at her job. My horse and I thank Lise very much." ~ Patti Campbell

Newly-Flocked Saddles

"Thanks for all your help today Lise! Sam and Moe are very happy with their newly-flocked saddles. Lise does great work if you're looking for help with saddle fit." ~ Jill Esz Smith

After Four Years

I cannot thank you enough for this amazing saddle! I have spent 4yrs trying on saddles, special ordering saddles, having saddle fitters out, etc. Thanks to the help of Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles and Lise Krieger, I have finally found the perfect saddle! It is comfortable and secure, and I am able to enjoy relaxing rides outside with my horse. Thank you!

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